Now that we are able to leave the administration part behind us, we can officially give you a warm welcome to our beloved Spencer family ? So now it is up to you to get started and prepare your go-live.

In case you have any questions on how to get started, please feel free to contact us via

1. Setting up the project

This is the work that is needed in order for Spencer to get started on the design and the setup of your Spencer version. There is work to be done after that as well, but this can take place at a later stage.

  1. Deliver us your official brand guidelines
    Based on the input below, we will create a branded version of Spencer for your employees.
    If desired you can already indicate which color you would like as your main color and which colors we can use as secondary color.

    • your logo (preferably single color) as a vector file.

    • branding guidelines (when available)

    • colours we can use

  1. Decide which name you will use for Spencer (if you choose for this branding option)
    By default, all Spencer application will be named "Spencer" on the device and "Spencer for |your company name| in the store in order for your employees to easily find the correct Spencer.

As soon as we have that information we can get started on the design and already allocate you to one of our delivery slots. That delivery slot is a 2 week time period where we create and validate together your Spencer application and make sure everything is set to start the rollout to the entire population or beta group.

2. Distribution of Spencer

For this part, it's best that you bring someone a little bit more technical to the table 
(if that wouldn't be the case already).

For ease of use on your end and the end-user, we always make a download page available, containing the download links to the available platforms (iOS - Android - Desktop), on this page, we also include a link to the FAQ-section.

Your download page will look like this and will also follow this URL structure
For your reference you can check our example downloadpage on

Spencer is available on 3 different platforms

  1. iOS
  2. Android
  3. Desktop

3. Setting up Spencer as your internal communication platform

  1. Prepare your employee information

  2. Defined your allowed senders

  3. Define your news topics

  4. Prepare your target user lists

  5. Create a link library overview from all your other company tools

Step 1: prepare import Employee information 

In order to get started, we must import all employees who will be allowed to receive access to your own Spencer app.

This import is done via a simple Excel (CSV) spreadsheet. 

We can run a one-off manual import to get you started while we work on automating the process with your IT teams, if this is desired. 

Required fields

employee Id


A unique identifier from an existing HR system for example, or in case you don’t have a HR system, you can give a unique code yourself to each employee

First Name


Last Name



Only 1 is mandatory and can work or personal contact information in case no work email is available



Login method

Single Sign on or Spencer Password

Allow your employees with an existing company account login with their existing email & password. For everyone who doesn’t have an existing account they can choose their own password.

Download the Spreadsheet template to get started 

Optional fields

You can also include additional fields to your employee data. This is very useful if you want to create more detailed segments to target later on. This information can always be added in a later stage as well if you don’t have this available yet. 



Contract type


Job Title

Head of Logistics


United Kingdom

Company Join Date


Preferred Language


Need other custom fields that match your specific business? Just let us know!

Don’t worry if you don’t have a clean overview of your employees’ information, most companies don’t have this information instantly at hand! With Spencer on your side it is a great moment to start to clean & enrich your employee database step by step!

Step 2 : Define your Allowed senders

Who in your organization will be allowed to create & distribute content?

You don’t have a restricted amount of users that can be granted access to the back-end, but we do recommend you don’t grant access to too many users neither. Make sure to keep your communication clean and easy for the end users. 

Having fewer senders also allows you to bring a similar tone-of-voice across all your messages, to bring consistency. 




John Johnson

Main Responsible

Jean Jeanny

Responsible for all HR updates

Bob Bobson

Responsible for all IT updates



You can easily change this afterwards, so don’t worry if this list isn’t 100% complete yet at the start. This will evolve throughout your usage of Spencer.

Step 3 : Define your topics

Keeping your updates well-organized is very important. Every update you share will be tagged with a specific topic. You can define these topics yourself to match your company culture. 

We recommend to use between 5 & 10 topics.  

A couple examples of topics

  • Our People

  • Our Products

  • CEO corner

  • Sustainability

  • Announcements

  • Covid-19 updates

  • Our Office

Step 4 : Prepare your target user lists

With Spencer, you can avoid clutter for the receivers of your communication. Every message can be targeted to a specific audience to make sure their feed is hyper relevant. But of course some of your messages can just be addressed to everyone in your organization. 

You can create user lists based on your imported employee data by using OR/AND statements.

For example : 

  • Employees with a temporary contract

  • People who work in a specific department or location

  • New joiners

  • People who work for a specific brand in your company

 Step 6 : Create a link library for your other company platforms

Spencer will be the starting point for all your employees on a daily basis. 

Start to prepare a list of tools you have available in your organization and which need to be available instantly to your employees. 

Link 1

Link 2

Link ...

Platform name

Request your holidays



Available on Mobile



Available on Desktop



Target group


“Marketing” segment only


Search for a recognizable image for each platform you link to

Download the Spreadsheet template to get started 

Step 5: Documents

Spencer fully integrates with your existing document libraries on Sharepoint online & Google Drive. 
(See the IT checklist below on how to make this easy connection). 

In case you don’t have a reliable document system, you can also upload your documents straight into Spencer onto a dedicated Sharepoint environment. 

Make sure to create an easy to use folder structure, as you can limit access to specific folders for your custom made segments. For example give access to a folder about technical unemployment to only specific users, or a sales promotions folder only to employees who work as store managers. Our Spencer customer success team is more than happy to give your best practices and tips on how to manage your document library folder structures!