This article explains how to generate redemption codes inside your Apple Business Manager account and provide them to Spencer.



Double check custom apps is enable

If custom apps isn't visible yet ou'll need to enable it by navigating to 

  • Login to your Managed Business account;
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Enrolment Information
  • In the section Custom Apps - click on Enable
  • Apple will ask you to accept  some terms & conditons

Generate the codes

In the previous steps (How to create an business manager account for distribution through redemption codes?) You've provided Spencer with the Organisation name & ID. 

Your Customer Success Manager will keep you informed when your Spencer app is submitted to Apple. 

Once you get the good news, you can find your Spencer version in the custom apps section. 

  • Select in the License  Type list redemption codes.
  • Fill in the desired amount of codes you want to generate in the Quantity inputfield.
    ☝️FYI  - you can generate up to 25000 codes per week. We advise to generate this max amount, Otherwise Spencer will have to contact you more often to generate new codes.
  • Click GET. You'll see a new entry under the section Redemption Codes.

Depending on the chosen amount it can take up to a few minutes before the download link appears next to your generated codes. 

When the download link becomes available you can trigger an automatic excel (.xls) download by clicking on it.

Provide the excel to your Customer Success Manager. 

What's next? 

  • Spencer will create your own personal download page, including iOS & Android. 
  • The codes provided by you will be distributed through that download page. You can read more information on the following page - Your own Spencer download page