Do you see possible improvements in Spencer? Or maybe you have an idea for a new feature that you would like to see in the app or back office.

That's why we invite you to become part of the Spencer Community, a public feedback portal for you and others to share feedback or vote for already existing requests. Your input is very valuable for us. Let us know how we can make your Spencer experience better, or how we can help you solve your problems.

The Spencer team will carefully curate all feedback on a regular basis and update the state of a request. The more people vote for a request, the higher the possibility it will end up in our product.

How to get started?

Well, very simple! You can always visit our Feedback Portal on Shipright, an easy-to-use tool we use to capture and manage all of your feedback and input. No login or account required!

What you can do in the portal?

See feedback from others

Easily discover what others already shared with the community on their experience with Spencer. They might have similar ideas or experience the same problems. You can easily contribute to their requests. Leave a comment and contribute to the discussion.

Share feedback yourself

To share your feedback with us, and the rest of the community, you can easily fill in the form on the left side of the platform. Provide a good title and description to explain your exact needs, ideas you have, solutions you see, ...

Important note ⚠️: Your requests won't be visible straight away. The Spencer team will make them visible to the community after they have reviewed your input.

To confirm your submission, your email will be asked. Your name may be visible to others, but your email address will always remain private!

Upvote an existing suggestion

Easily contribute to suggestions and requests from others. Vote for their suggestions and leave a comment to contribute to the discussion. Share the reason why this suggestion would also benefit your case.