This page provides an overview of all the supported types in the Spencer Form builder. The Spencer Form builder is used in Surveys & Forms. 


Ask a question where an end-user can provide textual input. In the options section, you can choose between the following options.

  • Option to add a free text field (demonstrated in the screenshot)
  • Option to add Max. characters (demonstrated in the screenshot)



A type where you can request numeric input. By completing the min, max, and multiple in the options section you transform the input into a scale. We've provided an example of a simple numeric question and  a  scale numeric question.

Simple numeric question


Scale numeric question


Boolean (True/False)

Ask a question where the answer is yes or no. You don't need to translate yes/no, this is already provided for all the language by Spencer.


Single selection

The single selection question gives the end-user the possibility to answer 1 item from a predefined list. 

When you have 5+ items, we'll render a dropdown. You can add an option by pressing enter or by clicking on the +.

no dropdown


with dropdown

Multi selection

The multiselection question gives the end-user the possibility to answer multiple items from a predefined list. You can add items similar to the single selection type.



The Date type makes it possible to select a specific date as an answer. You can define a time range where the end-user can pick a specific day from.



This type allows a user to upload a picture.  The end-user will have the option to select a picture from the camera roll or his computer or create a new one with the camera.