This page describes how you can view the reporting on an ongoing survey & export the results.

Report overview

Once a  survey is published, you'll be presented with the report tabs when navigating to your survey. Depending on the settings of your survey you'll be presented with 2 views

Unsegmented view

With an unsegmented survey, Spencer doesn't know who'll participate. You'll be presented with the results coming in answer per answer, or an empty view when no-one has submitted an answer yet. We display the following information

Segmented view

With a segmented survey, Spencer knows upfront who'll participate in your survey, You'll be presented with an overview of all the people included in your survey and the status of their answer.

What Information shown?

In the overview we'll display the following information of the user:

  • Name
  • Default site
  • Status (ongoing/completed)
  • Completed on

Answer overview

When you click on answers in the report tab you'll see visual representations (pie-charts) of the submitted answers on your questions. We don't visualize free text entries images, or date types. The free text entries are available in export and on the Answer Detail from a specific user.

Answer detail

From the overview you can see a submitted answer from a specific users wen you click on that user as demonstrated below

Export answers

You can export all the answers by clicking on export from within the survey detail as demonstrated below. A CSV is generated in the back and send to the requesters e-mail.

Depending on the number of answers you'll receive the e-mail shortly.

In the detail of the mail, you'll find a CSV attached to it. Download it to view the CSV

When you open the CSV you'll find all the entries as rows and the questions as column.