This page describes how you can upload users with a user CSV in our back office. It is required you've followed the steps described in our How to prepare a user CSV guide before you continue. 

On this page you'll find: 

Difference between SFTP

It's important to highlight some differences with the option to sync users with a  CSV through SFTP: 

  • In the back office, you can upload a CSV that only contains updated users, the SFTP requires all users. This makes it easier to update certain users in bulk.
  • With the upload users in the back office, you can't archive users, with the SFTP you can. If you want to archive a user in the back office you'll have to do this manually. 

Select and upload your CSV

#1 In the back office browse to use management. In the top right corner click on  Actions, you'll get a dropdown. Click on Upload users

#2 You'll be guided to a new screen (see attached)

#3 If you don't have a CSV file ready you can also download a template file. Click on browse and select the CSV file you want to upload. Click on Upload to continue

#4 You'll be presented with your "your file is being processed" screen. This means we are currently processing your CSV file and doing validations in the background. You can continue using our back office and you'll be notified through e-mail what the end result is of your upload.

Follow up e-mails after validation

After processing your CSV we'll send an e-mail to the mail account configured for this feature. If you don't know this e-mail or you want to add an e-mail, mail to 

tip  - use a generic e-mail address that multiple people can access.
There are possible outcomes: success or some users have failed.

Valid CSV file

When your CSV is valid you'll get an e-mail similar to our screenshot attached. It will give you an overview of the number of users being imported. As indicated in the mail depending on the number of users it can take up to a couple of hours before all of them start appearing in the back office.

Validation errors detected

In  some occasions, we've encountered some validation errors in your CSV file. You'll get an e-mail similar to our screenshot attached. It will give you an overview of the number of users where we've encountered errors with.

Attached to the e-mail you'll find a CSV file that contains the users with errors. You'll notice that the name of this file is the same as the ID value in our e-mail. This is done on purpose when you' contact Spencer to ask further clarification always mention this ID so our support team can help you. 

Download the CSV and continue to the next chapter where you'll find out how you can see what the errors are.

How to check what went wrong?

Ok, so there were some validation errors in your original CSV, let's find out we!
When you open the CSV you'll find the exact entry you've been trying to upload, scroll to the column name errors (at the end of the file) 

As you can see in our attached screenshot, the format of this persons businessMobilePhone was incorrect.

The big win is that you can correct the wrong value and use re-upload this CSV in our back office. You don't even have to remove the error column as we neglect this column while processing.