This page describes the user field mapping from Google Login with Spencer. 

It is perfectly possible that certain fields aren't visible, but when you edit a user you'll have the option to add an extra phone for instance.


Spencer FieldGoogle User InformationComment
aliasPrimary Email
first nameGiven Name
date of birth
❌  not supported
business emailEmail 
companyOrganisational Unit 1st levelorg unit path
company join dateCreate date  
departement2nd level of organisational structureRoot > company > departement
division❌  not supported
sub division❌  not supported
domainDepartment properyuser information > employee information > "department"
email privateEmail (Home)user information > contact details > "home"
external_idonly through apiyou can't set  this in the Google UI
job titleJob Title
mobile phonePhone (type = mobile)
mobile phone private 
❌  not supported
phone privatePhone (Home)
phonePhone (Work)
subsidiary❌  not supported
workstationonly through API you can't set  this in the Google UI
employee codeEmployee ID
contract-typeType of employeeuser information > employee information> "type of employee"
default siteBulding iduser information > employee information >Building id it is a string
primary languageonly through API
you can't set  this in the Google UI
countryonly through API
you can't set  this in the Google UI
regiononly through APIyou can't set  this in the Google UI
❌  not supported
❌  not supported
managerManager (email)

Visual representation

Attached below some visual representations of Google Admin and the data mapped to the Spencer field. 

Organisational structure 

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