Required Roles

  • Super admin

  • Document Library admin

Segment a folder 

Navigate to Documents. Click the Directory item you want to segment (Create a segment)

In the Details section you can specify accessibility of this entire Directory based on end-users language setting. Below we’ve specified that only users with their app in English have access.

Click Audience to set the access rights for this Directory.

There are 3 access right settings you can configure on a folder:

  1. Private (default): no users can access/see this folder & its content

  2. Public: all users can access/see this folder & its content

  3. Restricted: some users – one or more user lists – can access/see this folder & its content

To set the access rights of a folder, select the folder on the left (e.g. Company Policies) and set the audience (e.g. Public).

Setting a folder to Private is actually the same as not setting an audience at all. By default all folders are private. 

You decide which folders become visible for your organization. 

You can delete audience rules by clicking the Bin icons. You can add more audience rules by clicking Add another folder.

Access rights are set at the folder level. That means all nested files (no matter how deep) inherit the access rights of their parent folder. You can’t set access rights at the file level.

Limited access rights on parent folders are inherited by all subfolders:

  1. If a parent folder is private, all of its subfolders are private (even if you would configure some to be public or restricted)

  2. If a parent folder is public it will ripple down through all the sub folders, even if they were segmented to  a particular list. The only exception is the private type.