The Company news module consists of three key concepts:

  1. Publications

  2. Topics

  3. Sources


A Publication is a news article that can be translated in one or more languages. An end-user will see the publication in the correct translation. If their app is set to English, they’ll see the English version. If it’s configured to Dutch, it’ll be the Dutch version.

Furthermore, there are two types of publications. There are regular (internal) articles and external links. Regular articles are full-on publications you create entirely from the Spencer back-office. You can add text, media, bullets, and links. External links on the other hand are simply references to another website.


Publications can be categorized in one or more topics. For an end-user, that means articles are nicely grouped by topic, and they can decide to follow specific topics to making your internal communication more digestible and the overall experience more personalized.


Publications can be come from various places. These places are called sources. Sources can be external like Sharepoint or Yammer, where you’re pulling articles in via an integration. Alternatively, you can enable a back-office source which allows you