In some cases (for example; prior to having a build in the App Stores or for distribution of Demo versions) it might not be possible to leverage the beta-testing capabilities of the iOS and Android App Stores. In such cases, we turn to Firebase App Tester, that's a Google-owned service that allows Spencer to distribute pre-release versions of the app to trusted testers.

The following page will describe how to install the beta distributions on iOS.

Note that you will need to get invited to become a tester.
If you believe you have a case wherein Firebase App distribution is required, please contact your Customer Success Manager

Installing Firebase App Tester on iOS

  1. As a tester you'll receive an email in your corporate mailbox. Go to your mailbox and open the invitation mail, sent from "Spencer (via Firebase)". 

    If you don't have access to your corporate inbox on your mobile phone, please forward the invite to an email adres you have access to on your iPhone

  2. Click the "Get setup" button in the invitation mail.

  3. Your default browser will open with a Firebase screen that kindly ask you to login with a Google account. Click on sign in with Google

  4.  After login, and a screen will be served with a checkbox you'll need to check.  click "Accept invitation".

    Note: if your default browser is not Safari, you'll have to copy the link in the browser bar and reopen it in Safari.

  5. After accepting the invitation you'll be guide to a page "Before opening the app for the first time". Promp a download will start for a Firebase certificate, click "install"

  6. After install, click on "I've trusted the certificate"

  7. You'll go to an overview page, click "download" to start the download.

  8. Click "Install" to continue the installation process.

  9. Check your homescreen to find the app icon. Note that the app icon might be present on another screen than your homescreen. In that case you'll need to swipe between screens to find it. You're almost ready to start using the app - first you'll need to explicitly trust the app developer.