After you’ve installed Spencer, you’ll be guided through the login process depicted below. Keep in mind, Spencer is rebranded to take on your employer’s branding, hence your app might look & feel just a tad different.

Note that Spencer enables 2 types of logins:

  • Log in driven by SSO (using your company account)
  • Log in based on a Spencer Account

Steps to take prior to login

  1. Open the app by clicking the Spencer app icon
  2. Select your preferred language (your employer decided on the supported ones)

  3. Click Let’s get started

  4. Click Accept and continue to

  5. Enter one of the following 3 variables: Email address, Username (alias field) or a Mobile Phone Number

  6. Spencer will verify if a corresponding record is found and activate the corresponding next steps to proceed with login. 

Logging in using SSO

  1. If your record is administered via SSO, Spencer will guide you to your employer's login screen (example below)

  2. Your employer’s login flow might well include two-factor authentication, depending on the authentication technology in use at your company that might have through a third-party authenticator app, with a code sent by SMS, a link via email, etc. Complete the prescribed step(s) to complete your Spencer login. This is entirely dependant on your company's settings.

Logging in using a Spencer Account

Activation and usage of a Spencer Account will be documented separately.

Permissions asked post log-in

  1. You’re logged in. Click Turn on notifications to allow push notifications. Confirm with Allow.

  2. If your company has decided to enable "location awareness", you can Click Enable location to allow location services. This allows Spencer to provide you with an improved service based on the context you're in (e.g. recommend a meeting room in your current office, share office specific information, share today's lunch menu for your current site, ...). Spencer uses Geofencing technology, which means Spencer will only ever know when you walk into a pre-configured premise (a virtual zone which the office or site is in). If you're not in one of these offices/sites, we'll have no idea where you are.

    Depending on your operating system, iOS or Android - you will have more options to "Always allow" location, "Allow While Using app" or "Allow Once". It’s advised to Always Allow to make the most of Spencer’s location awareness.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully logged in to Spencer. You’re ready to explore Spencer for the first time.